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We pride ourselves in setting high standards in all aspects of the English curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination through a regular diet of: speaking and listening; focused reading; and inspired writing sessions. All the National Curriculum objectives are covered thoroughly in a creative way that seamlessly links text, sentence and word level activities.

Speaking and Listening
Throughout their time at Hook-with-Warsash, children develop as confident speakers and focused listeners. From Reception onwards, children are taught how to speak for different purposes. They perform in Collective Worship in front of the whole school; 'in role' as historical characters: interview numerous adults; debate their point of view on a variety of topics; read plays aloud; and present informative reports to their peers.
By Year 6 all pupils have the confidence and necessary skills to perform in a production, which has gained quite a reputation for its quality and professionalism.

Of all the activities that children engage in at school, reading is the one that most parents want to know more about. Our web pages on phonics and reading will give you further information on reading in the school.

Children are encouraged to read a range of books for their pleasure from our extensive, well stocked library. Reading experiences at Hook-with-Warsash are planned to be extremely varied. A link to the 'Must Read Books' can be found below. Children are taught to read as a class, in groups and as individuals. Children are also encouraged to read electronic texts on laptops, and iPads at school and through the ePlatform at home.


Our expectations and standards for writing are high. We believe, and Ofsted reports have confirmed: that this is because the curriculum is well planned; the children have a wide range of opportunities for writing; and that they are valued as writers from reception age. From the moment children enter school they are keen to make their mark and write. We want children to maintain their natural enthusiasm and so we plan opportunities that are purposeful, directed at a specific audience and follow a certain form. Writing is also often linked to other curriculum areas. However we are rigorous in teaching the written 'code' which is after all, a complex man-made system that requires expert teaching and regular practice. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught both discretely and alongside the writing learning journey.
The children become confident writers and by the time they leave for Secondary school they are able to reflect analytically on their work and know what the next step for improvement is.

Teachers in the school aim to provide positive role models for the pupils at Hook-with-Warsash. By doing so, pupils see the creative side of writing first hand; the editing and improvement; the creative strategies that are used; and above all the overriding enthusiasm and love that can be gained for the language.

The National Curriculum changed in 2014- please see parents' guide below to see the expectations for each year group: