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Ian Downie

I have lived in the area for 30 years, moving here to start a new job, as Engineering Computer Manager at Plessey Aerospace (now Eaton Aerospace) to change the engineering process from slide-rules and hand drawn diagrams to “digital” and computer based.


I was a governor when my two daughters were at school. Now they are grown up and I am retired, I have more time, so when I saw the vacancy for a governor, advertised in St Mary's pew leaflet, I saw it as an opportunity to support the community.


I'm passionate about engineering and science. It has an enormous effect on our everyday lives, but we mustn't lose sight of the most important things, our faith, relationships and maintaining a sustainable World.


My hobbies include music, painting and cycling.


I am an appointed governor, appointment by the members of the trust, my term ends on 13 June 2025. I am a member of the curriculum committee.


Pecuniary interests: none

First appointed as a governor: 14th June 2021

Committee Membership: Curriculum & Early Years 

Term ends: 13th June 2025


Updated January 2022