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Eleanor Dannan (Member of the Trust)

Eleanor Sophie Dannan - Member of the Trust

I became a Personal Assistant in my early career while living and working in London until having a family and moving to Hampshire. My last full-time jobs, before retiring, were as a Youth Training Manager at a purpose built college for boat building, cabinet making, upholstery, GRP, welding, graphic design and computer studies and finally as Insurance Manager at a large local boatyard. Since retirement I have worked voluntarily in the classroom in three local schools, as well as Hook-with-Warsash, having been governor for 4 years in one of them before completing 17 years as governor at Hook from which I retired in 2016.

I was re-appointed as a Member of the Academy Trust, by the existing Members on 22 March 2018.


Pecuniary and other interests: none

Date of Appointment: 22/03/2018

Updated October 2019