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The Role of a Prefect from a Prefect's point of view


Being a prefect is not all sitting on chairs, telling people to go outside and getting special attention; there’s a lot more to the job! 

Job One: House Point Chart

We were asked by Mrs Nice to do a house point chart. After a 15 minute think we decided to do a collage. With some help from Mr Ponsford, we drew a template and started collecting pieces of scrap paper and sweet wrappers. We got the glue and glitter and started to work on the masterpiece…

Job Two: Collective Worship

Just before all the classes come in from break, we set chairs out for the teachers and ourselves - teachers always have priority! Throughout Collective Worship we look out for children who are singing and sitting nicely and give them house points.

Job Three: House Points

As prefects, we have the job of counting the house points every week. At the end of each half-term the house with the most house points gets an extra break. So far the winners have been Swinton and Havelock.


Some people have explained how they feel about being a prefect :

Sophie says “It made me feel special and appreciated.”                                 

Edward said that being a prefect made him more responsible.

Mrs Nice says that we are all problem solvers, when we see a need in the school we need to think about how we can solve it. Skills needed to be a good prefect include being resilient and being able to show initiative.