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Meet the Staff

Senior Leaders 


 Sara Willoughby                   

  Head of the Academy                                      


 Assistant Headteacher


 David Trotman

 Early Years and KS1 Manager

 Assessment Manager


 Assistant Headteacher 


 Catherine Nice

 KS2 Manager

 Assessment Manager 

 Senior Leader

 Heidi Jackson

 English Manager

 Senior Leader

 Zoe Hine

 SENDCo/Inclusion Manager

 Class Teachers

Year group

Class & Teacher


 Penguins - Sam Parkes (4 days) David Trotman (1 day)

 Turtles – Sarah Thorne (4 days) David Trotman (1 day)

 Year 1

 1H - Zoe Hine (3 days) Nicola Linley (2 days)

 1J - Gina Jackson

 Year 2

 2H - Julia Holding

 2L - Adam Lamb

 Year 3

 3J - Paul Johnson

 3M - Judy Meads

 Year 4

 4D – Sam Dickinson

 4W – Nicole Whybrow

 Year 5

 5E – Tom Earles

 5R – Emily Ransley

 Year 6

 6J – Heidi Jackson

 6P - Matthew Ponsford (4 days) Catherine Nice (1 day)

Administration Team 



 Business Manager                                      


Ann Willmott                                          

 Administration Officer


Jocelyn Aitken

 Administration  Assistant      


Sam Rogerson

Finance Assistant


Vicky Salt

 Library Manager


Caroline Angas

Learning Support Assistants

Name Name Name Name

Joanne Larcombe                

(Year R)

Angelene Bartlett

(Year R)

Tracy Docherty          

(Year R)

Mary Nadolski          

(Year R)

Vicky Salt

(Year 1)

Maria Lawton

(Year 1)

Tina Collins

(Year 1)

Lauren Deans

(Year 1)

Binny Matthews

(Year 2)

Vicky Whybrow

(Year 2)

Jenny Parker

(Year 2)

Sam Phillips

(Year 3)

Alice Gaebler

(Year 4)

Julie Nunn         

(Year 5)

Suzanne Childs

(Year 6)

Karen Batt

(Year 6)

Caroline Angas

(Year 6)

Cheryl Holford



Facilities Team 

 Facilities Manager     

 Simon Bizley       

Midday Supervisory Assistants 





 Lauren Deans           

 Alison King

 Tracey Parsons

 Abigail Andrews

 George Bassett

 Kelly Holroyd

 Mandy Douglas

 Flora Smith

 Suzanne Chase

 Nicola Ross-Barton

 Stephanie Williams

 Lisa Daish   

 Alison Fisher

 Hayley Hall-King

 Amanda Mansell

 Deborah Hyams

 Leanne Richardson

 Tracy Docherty



Senior Supervisory Assistant  Sam Phillips Lunch Leader Clare Longman