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Mission Statement


To create and develop a love of reading by offering books and resources that all members of the school community can access.


The school library is open to all pupils during the school day and is manned part time by our Library Manager.  All classes have an allocated library session during the week and these times can be found below.  Please can parents ensure their children have any library books in their book bags on their allocated day to enable the children to change their books if they so wish.








1W 1pm - 2pm


 2H - 1pm - 2pm 

 Penguins 1pm - 2pm

3H 1.30pm - 2.15pm

4B 1.30pm - 2.15pm

1J 2pm - 3pm

 2L - 2pm - 3pm

 Turtles 2pm-3pm

3M 2.15pm - 3pm

4D 2.15pm-3pm
 6E 3pm - 3.20pm

 Library open to all

3pm - 3.20pm

 Library open to all

3pm - 3.20pm

 6P 3pm - 3.20pm

 Library open to all

3pm - 3.20pm

Year 5/6 Library open for exchange of books 1.30pm - 2pm


Year 5/6 Library open for exchange of books 1.30pm - 2pm

Year 5/6 Library open for exchange of books 1.30pm - 2pm Year 5/6 Library open for exchange of books 1.30pm -2pm Year 5/6 Library open for exchange of books 1.30pm - 2pm


We have a wide variety of books and resources for the children to borrow and these include magazines and DVD’s along with age appropriate Fiction and Non Fiction books.  All books can be borrowed for 21 days excluding magazines and DVD’s which are on a 7 day loan period.  Reminders will be sent out to the designated guardians email address and we would ask if you could please reply to them as soon as possible. If the book is no longer at home and we are notified we can mark it as missing to enable your child to borrow any future books.


What Do I Choose?


This is a guide to help you choose the appropriate book for your Reading Level.


Picture Books – can be found in the kinder boxes suitable for Infant children.

1 Stripe – Stories with very basic text and lots of pictures for children who are beginning to read.

2 Stripe – Stories with simple texts and lots of pictures.

QR – Stories with short chapters and some pictures for children who are gaining confidence in reading.  These books are chosen by the Library Manager from the Children’s Fiction section as suitable reading material especially for Years 2 & 3.

Easier non-fiction information books are labelled with either an Owl on the spine or a Yellow Smiley Star.  These non-fiction books have been classified by the school as suitable for our younger children.

3 Stripe – Picture and puzzle books for older readers. Year 3 up

9+ are suitable for any child who are aged 9 or above

Yr 6 only – age 11 up & T books suitable for children in Year 6 only.  These books will at times contain teenage content.


All classes have elected Librarians who are responsible for selecting books and returning them from the class book corners.  They do this every half term to ensure the class book corner is up to date with the relevant topic they are learning in class that half term.


We have a number of Pupil Librarians whose role is very important in the day to day running of the library.  They are responsible alongside the Library Manager for the general upkeep of the Library and are always there to give any children advice or help on using it.  The Pupil Librarians are responsible for running an Infant Library Lunch club.

The Reading Cloud


The Reading Cloud is a fantastic new online reading community designed to engage students, parents and educators in reading for pleasure. The Reading Cloud uses the very latest technologies to really capture the imagination of students, linking real and virtual reading experiences to drive up literacy standards and develop core reading skills.

Pupils can use the Reading Cloud to:-

  • Write book reviews
  • Develop their literacy skills through all curriculum subjects
  • Create an online identity in a safe environment
  • Recommend books to their peers
  • Be part of a safe, online community.
This link will take you to The Reading Cloud where you and your child can log in and have a go at the activities available.
For Reading Cloud help and guidance please follow this link.

Contact details

If you have any questions about the library please email the Library Manager

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